About me

I am a devoted follower of Christ, happily married to Ana, and together we are blessed with four children. Although I was born in Brazil, my journey has taken me through various countries including Mexico, England, Scotland, Spain, and now the USA; I also hold Italian nationality. My greatest joys include studying the Bible and preaching it, praying, cherishing moments with Ana and our children, reading, listening to sermons and leadership podcasts, watching films, playing guitar and soccer.

I serve as the Global Director of Youth and Young Adult Initiatives for Community Bible Study. I’ve had the privilege to lead cross-culturally for over 16 years and speak internationally in Portuguese, Spanish, and English in various countries.

My deep passion for the Bible led me to pursue a doctorate in preaching from the Talbot School of Theology (USA) and a master’s degree in biblical interpretation from the London School of Theology (UK). Additionally, I hold degrees in Theology and Business Administration (Brazil). I had the privilege of co-founding C29 Granada Church (Spain), RedTimoteo, a program nurturing young evangelists in Spain, and the EYE (European Young Evangelists) Network. I am also the author of the book “Expand: Preaching to Both Christians and Non-Christians from the Same Sermon,” available in Spanish and Portuguese, along with several articles. Prior to sensing God’s call to full-time evangelistic, missionary, and pastoral ministry, I gained valuable experience working for HSBC Bank and General Motors.

It will be a pleasure to keep in touch! May God’s peace be with you.

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